What brings you joy in life? מה גורם לי אושר?

התיירת המקרית

Obviously, my cats bring me a lot of joy.

As a child, I always wanted a pet, preferably a dog. My mother wouldn’t have one since having pets would require her to take care of any pet – and also would probably add a lot of housework.

Then once I moved on my own, I decided to adopt a stray cat. When living in a rented apartment I could only have one (and even that limited my options of finding a place to rent) – but now that I own my own place, I have three. The tiger stripped cat is Mr. Lucas, the one with the mole in her mustache is Fat Putzit, and the tiny one with the funny stripe on his nose is Tiny Thomas. The black and white vcat is Buffy – she was my second cat, and is no longer with us.

החתולים שלי מביאים…

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What Brings Joy Into My Life?

Three things spring immediately to mind.
1. Applause.
2. Smiles.
3. Travel.
And I guess that they are all encapsulated in my work.
I am a storyteller…I work with people to tell their story before somebody tells it for them, and I help them tell it so well it makes an impact.
I am a storyteller…I tell stories to children of all ages. Stories of:
* Otto, the headless knight.
* The Fox and the…..
* The Tales of Erine the Wizard
*Santa Claus
I am a storyteller…I am a ghost guide at one of the most haunted houses in England.
As a storyteller travelling around the midlands of England, I get my joy from the applause at the end of each performance; the smiles on the faces of the audience as I weave my tales and the opportunities I have been given to travel.

What Is The Earliest Memory You Have?

Do you have a story between one year and ten years of age?
That is the question I ask all of my guests on my ‘No Story Stagnates’ because I believe that you can trace a person’s attitudes to life by their answer to the question. Let me explain!
I work as a shiatsu therapist and have to physically touch people.

On the first visit, we discuss a consultation that begins with “What is your first memory?” This one question gives me all the information I need in order to begin working with my client.

If the answer is, “I remember being 4 years old and in the back garden with my mother and father, then I start from the premise that the blocks that are troubling the client are, no matter what age they are in my clinic, not so deep-rooted that it will be a long process towards healing. If, however, they drop their head, fumble for words or go silent and then start telling me of an experience at 12-15 years of age, I think we should try to explore, through gentle questions, what happened in those first 10 years. And by questioning, I really mean listening.

I believe most therapists can now distinguish themselves from GPs or even consultants by the ability to listen not only to what is said but also to the way it is said and, more importantly, what isn’t said.

The number of times a client who has fallen into this category has taken two or three visits in order to trust me enough to say, “Actually, when I was (age), I was raped, abused, abandoned, gave me enough proof to work with this method.

My first memory is in the living room of my grandmother’s house. We lived with them while my dad and mother saved for their own place. I remember that I was running around the room and laughing when I tripped and fell forward toward the old iron fire and cooker combination. I put my hand straight onto the iron grate that held the coal in place, and you can guess the outcome.

I think I was about six years old, and so my memory was within that critical first ten-year period, and so there was no long-term trauma because the majority of other memories are of a happy childhood.

This, in my opinion, is the importance of first memories.

Bloganuary #2

How Am I Brave?
The bravest thing I have ever done came three to four years ago when I accepted that my situation was my fault. And that is the same today. Each and every day now, as I go to bed, I accept that whatever the day has gone has been my fault…or rather, my choice.

The bravest people I know are the two wonderful women who left me because of my absolute dedication to working rather than the family.

The two ladies raised three strong, beautiful young women who had issues and overcame them because of the dedication of their mothers.
All five of these women have made their own way in the world and have made their own impact on the world.

What Is Something I Want To Achieve This Year?

Starting today, I will be following my resolution to
Be The Warrior My Ancestors Were And Fight For The Freedom To Speak!’

“If you can speak, you can motivate yourself. If you can speak well, you can inspire people to be motivated. But if you speak very well, you can change lives”. (Les Brown) That is my goal.
My “Why” for 2023 is to be the warrior that my father, grandfathers and great-grandfathers were when they went to war for the freedom to be free. And I aim to do it through storytelling and being vocal about my belief that 2023 will be a year to mirror 1913 and 1948, the years that preceded the two world wars. The years when people didn’t speak up about the coming chaos or were ridiculed and censored for doing it.


Our ancestors gave up more than their spot on social media in order to fight for their families. They gave everything. And that’s what I’m asking people to do. Business owners, employees and citizens of the world need to have the courage to speak up against the cabal of millionaires and billionaires, the politicians and the bureaucrats seeking to centralize and control the world’s people.

Whether they use the tactics of the CCP: Stassi: Gestapo, or the FBI, their goal is the same…To shut down free speech, free movement, free thinking and free will.


By the end of 2023, I hope to have achieved the impact I want to make on as many people as I can without fear or sadness.

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The Accidental Journalist

No Story Stagnates with Ernie Boxall and Jack W Gregory No Story Stagnates


Jack W Gregory is the ‘Accidental Journalist, and the perfect guest for ‘No Story Stagnates’. A lifetime that began in disruption has been turned around and become a pathway to growth for Jack and the many people who know him from around the world.
You can reach out to Jack at https://jwgreg.wordpress.com or  https://www.facebook.com/Jack.Hobo1
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In 1992, Lawrence Wingate was serving in the U.S. Army, and the vision of the Lawrence Wingate Studios concept as a global State-of-the-Art Event & Educational Space, and Multi-Media Entertainment Studio, was born.

This Studio is designed for inspiring and seasoned Entrepreneurs, who want to take their business, and or business ideas to the next level. Mr Wingate’s legacy is to have a place where Entrepreneurs can visit either online, or in-person; to learn how to start, build, and grow a successful business. To put this vision in context, think of the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA, but with emphasis on Entrepreneurship.

His story takes you from before Lawrence was born to where he is now and the lessons along the way to serial entrepreneur.

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Welcome to ‘No Story Stagnates’ with Dr Kandiss Taylor (current Gubernatorial Candidate for Georgia)
I am highly energetic and motivated! I love children, helping individuals make and maintain positive changes, set short/long-term goals, and accept responsibility, intervening in families and with couples to assist with relationship recovery. I am also very interested in my ability to influence government in a moral, fair, and just way. I love to write professionally and personally.

Kandiss’s story began with ‘Grease’ (the first date her parents went on) and from her birth in South Georgia to her run for the highest office in the State of Georgia. A journey that started in a trailer by her grandparent’s house is taking her to a fight for her country, her state, and her family with the help of God and the people of Georgia.

Kandiss is a passionate fighter and, in her own words “Not a politician.” Follow her journey here and at: