What brings you joy in life? מה גורם לי אושר?

התיירת המקרית

Obviously, my cats bring me a lot of joy.

As a child, I always wanted a pet, preferably a dog. My mother wouldn’t have one since having pets would require her to take care of any pet – and also would probably add a lot of housework.

Then once I moved on my own, I decided to adopt a stray cat. When living in a rented apartment I could only have one (and even that limited my options of finding a place to rent) – but now that I own my own place, I have three. The tiger stripped cat is Mr. Lucas, the one with the mole in her mustache is Fat Putzit, and the tiny one with the funny stripe on his nose is Tiny Thomas. The black and white vcat is Buffy – she was my second cat, and is no longer with us.

החתולים שלי מביאים…

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