What Brings Joy Into My Life?

Three things spring immediately to mind.
1. Applause.
2. Smiles.
3. Travel.
And I guess that they are all encapsulated in my work.
I am a storyteller…I work with people to tell their story before somebody tells it for them, and I help them tell it so well it makes an impact.
I am a storyteller…I tell stories to children of all ages. Stories of:
* Otto, the headless knight.
* The Fox and the…..
* The Tales of Erine the Wizard
*Santa Claus
I am a storyteller…I am a ghost guide at one of the most haunted houses in England.
As a storyteller travelling around the midlands of England, I get my joy from the applause at the end of each performance; the smiles on the faces of the audience as I weave my tales and the opportunities I have been given to travel.

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