No Story Stagnates with Ernie Boxall and Dr Kandiss Taylor


Welcome to ‘No Story Stagnates’ with Dr Kandiss Taylor (current Gubernatorial Candidate for Georgia)
I am highly energetic and motivated! I love children, helping individuals make and maintain positive changes, set short/long-term goals, and accept responsibility, intervening in families and with couples to assist with relationship recovery. I am also very interested in my ability to influence government in a moral, fair, and just way. I love to write professionally and personally.

Kandiss’s story began with ‘Grease’ (the first date her parents went on) and from her birth in South Georgia to her run for the highest office in the State of Georgia. A journey that started in a trailer by her grandparent’s house is taking her to a fight for her country, her state, and her family with the help of God and the people of Georgia.

Kandiss is a passionate fighter and, in her own words “Not a politician.” Follow her journey here and at:


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