No Story Stagnates with Ernie Boxall and Barnie Giltrap


Welcome to the latest episode of ‘No  Story Stagnates’ and today it’s my pleasure to introduce:

Barnie Giltrap, Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Software Engineer in Coventry, United Kingdom

Born in Liverpool, Barnie taking a gap year from my University studies to further develop a business which is focusing on Cyber Security and Open Source Software”

Barnie has a real interest in community regeneration and via local rather than global solutions and is also provides Consultancy and support to organisations running Linux Servers integrated with Desktop Environments.

Now, living in Coventry, Barnie has been a trustee with Arty Folks since 2017, Barnie takes us into the life of a man working through the trauma of PTSD and severe migraine with art therapy and has turned that experience into a venture working with computer comics and games. He talks about the lack of therapy and understanding of the issues around PTSD.

Barnie, talks about the importance of encouraging creativity especially if your character is one of individual responsibility.

Barnie’s early life experiences of moving between Liverpool and Ireland. He is taking his future into his own hands and using stories to promote a Kickstarter project at university.

join us as we talk about Barnie’s hopes for more research into mental health and the future of his love for comic stories in the computer age.


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