No Story Stagnates with Jenny Leggott


In this episode of No Story Stagnates, I am interviewing the fabulous Jenny Leggott.

Sammy Rambles is given a dragon egg on his first day at his new school, Dragamas School for Dragon Charming. The egg hatches into a dragon called Kyrillan and Sammy learns to look after his new pet.

He makes new friends, a girl with bright green hair called Dixie Deane and Darius Murphy, a boy with unusual parents. Things are going well for Sammy Rambles, until he learns of a dark fate hanging over the school.

An enemy, known only as the “Shape” want to destroy all of the dragons and close the school. It is up to Sammy and his friends to try and stop them.

The Sammy Rambles series of books is suitable for children and adults who like castles and dragons. For more information please see

And Now:

I’ve just finished my new book about the girl detective who talks to animals to solve problems in her village. It’s called “Molly Manila – The Girl Who Talks To Animals, by J T Scott” and is aimed at the readers between Bumper and Friends and Sammy Rambles.

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