No Story Stagnates with Ernie Boxall and Steve Ramona.


It is my pleasure to introduce Steve Ramona, a proud American and entrepreneur. I met Steve through virtual networking and found a real friend. No Story Stagnates brings Steve’s story from the first time his mother and father met, up to date with many of the lessons he has learned in between. Steve’s sporting years were the catalyst for his success in the fitness industry and gym management. It also brought him lifelong friendships. Steve is now heavily involved in networking and connecting people to people as he grows his next investment with all stories there are highs and lows and Steve takes us through some of them as signposts to where he is now. And, that ‘where’ is a very comfortable place. Listen to the story, think about the lessons and if you like what you hear contact Steve on his ¬†Ladies and Gentlemen. Steve Ramona.

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